Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mumbai Attack,26 Nov 2008

Bogymen with Mortal Souls
Morons were Voodoo Dolls
Their masters hide in dark
Sick Cowards, Can only bark

Grenades and a 47
Gateway to false Heaven
Lowly mean fanatics
Puppets, all mechanics

Bang Bang & Boom Boom
Aimless,they fired on street
Killing all men
Whom death could cheat

They came, killed, died
A gloomy, angry nation
And its mournful people
Left behind and cried

For lot many years
We have been mute
Cremating Martyrs
With Nations' salute

All talks and summits
And political disgust
You choked our patience
You killed our trust

No more politics
And No dirty tricks
We gave up talking
All Conference and fix

You sent your many men
And had all your fun
The sons of my nation
Are now picking up guns

Now listen close
Hear Death
Humming for you
Run far you bastards
We The People
Are coming for you

"Lets stand up for a cause, and fight for the souls that we have lost "
-- -Krishnendu


India's Ujjwal said...

good one dude!

shama said...

Yes, we need to wake up..!
Please read what I have written on:


"kahana hain,kahan hain, kahan hain"

As well as,"National Police Commission's" report & the contempt of court,ever since the recommendations..

srikant said...